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Friday, May 29, 2009

The Introduction.

* Prints shown here are NOT the designs of the shawls. Only two of these prints made it to the final cut, to be specific the first upper left print and the one below it. Don't worry there will be a model modelling the shawls so that you fashion people do not have to ponder upon the outlook of the shawls on a human head;) Have a little patience.

Currently working very hard on these funky shawls. Be sure to check back at Art Scarf from time to time. First batch of abstract shawls will most likely be put up by next week. Anticipate unique, bold and colorful prints. Splashes of colors, peacocks' feather prints, bold stripes, a little bit of tie dye, cheetah prints and so much more. Expect every color from your color palette. Can't wait to share it with all you distinct individuals (= till then..


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