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Monday, March 1, 2010

The Cardigans.

UK6-8/size S and M unless stated otherwise.
First come first served.

Payment within 48 hours.
Failure to comply will automatically allow the next buyer in line to purchase the item.
Scarfengers (only) please email me for the promotion that's available to you.
It is so worth it people! Enjoy choosing!
Limited items at hand.

Rio- the boyfie shirt.
1 sold to Sh Nur Azilah.
1 sold to Zatil Hanan.
Vibrante and 100% cotton.
Tip: Best worn loose with a pair of laid back faded jeans, skinny jeans or even high waisted pants.

1 available!
Navy Blue stripes on white.
Tip: Mix prints. Mix colours. Be bold and stand out.

Rock Me.
Sold to Aben.
Smokey grey with studded pockets and hoodie.
Tip: Pair this with your rocker jeans and Converse sneakers and YOU are ready to go!
( a staple for every rocker chic out there)
Sold out.

Rock Me Harder.
Sold to Sara.
Charcoal black with studded pockets and hoodie.
Tip: Wear chunky bangles and rings to bring out your sense of style. Don't forget your eyeliners ladies!=))
Sold out.

Sold to Ezrin.
Sold to Aben.
Size UK6-10/Size S-L
Navy blue with ruched pockets, open front and 3/4 sleeves.
True color-2nd photo.
Tip: Very slimming effect. It forgives any bulges. Fancy being worn on a date night!
*includes stripey tank top.
Fully reserved.

Not the Desperate Housewife.
1 sold to Marissa.
1 available.

Classic black cardigan. Very good knitted material.
Tip: Wear it with anything and everything. For both casual and office wear. Put on a chunky belt over it or layer on for a more stylista effect.


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