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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Shawls Mini Update!

I apologize for the un-modelled shawls.
Will do so if requested.
These pictures doesn't do the shawls any justice unfortunately.
This is what happens when you don't take photos with natural lighting;(
Anyways, hv fun choosing!
Same rules apply here okay!

Swirl Up.
Sold to Aben.
Turquoise based with whole load of other colors! Pretty funky!
Sold out.

Pink Racetrack.
1 sold to Nur Amirah.
1 sold to Hawa. (COD)
1 sold to Aben.
1 sold to Zurina.

Fuchsia pink with yellow, turquoise and purple strips. Super pretty in real life. I swear! =P
Sold Out.

Yellow Racetrack.
1 sold to Sara.
1 sold to Intan Sazali.
1 sold to Lil duck.
1 sold to Aben.

Yellow based with orange, sky blue, olive green strips. Very pretty when worn! Promise!
Sold Out.


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